Polycom® HDX 7001

For organizations that place importance on having beneficial meetings and communications that allow their team members to make educated and informed decisions.

The HDX 7001 XL offers 720P (1280 x 720) high definition resolution up to 30 fps starting at 832 Kbps. An excellecnt resolution can also be achieved at lower data rates.

The high definition Polycom Eagle-Eye video conferencing camera captures the high definition 720P video at 30 fps.

Enjoy incredible audio quality with Polycom's included microphone array insuring participants can hear and be heard.

Polycom's collaboration technology allows for high definition content sharing. Share presentations and rich-media content with high definition and standard definition systems.

For organizations migrating to high definition video and audio communication, the Polycom HDX 7001 XL is one of the most flexible and robust solutions available on the market. Enable users to interactive over video freely and naturally with the Polycom HDX 7001 XL.

For Polycom's People+Content content sharing, an additional monitor, MPPlus, and a 4 Mpbs line rate see the HDX 7001 XLP.

Polycom HD 7000 Series data sheet

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